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Hoa is a modular, extensible and structured set of PHP libraries.
Moreover, Hoa aims at being a bridge between industrial and research worlds.


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This library provides tools to create and run tests for Hoa libraries.

In each library, a Test/ directory contains test suites. They are written with atoum.

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With Composer, to include this library into your dependencies, you need to require hoa/test:

$ composer require hoa/test '~2.0'

For more installation procedures, please read the Source page.


Before running the test suites, the development dependencies must be installed:

$ composer install

Then, to run all the test suites:

$ vendor/bin/hoa test:run

For more information, please read the contributor guide.

Quick usage

As a quick overview, we see how to execute, write and generate unit tests. Let Hoa\Foo be a library.

Execute tests

To execute some tests, we will use the hoa test:run command. We have several options to select a set of tests:

  • -f/--files to select files,
  • -d/--directories to select directories,
  • -n/--namespaces to select classes in some namespaces,
  • -l/--libraries to select all tests of some libraries,
  • -a/--all to select all tests of all libraries.

Most of the time, we will run all tests of a library, and then all the tests of all libraries. Thus:

$ hoa test:run --libraries Foo
# do something
$ hoa test:run --all

Manual unit tests

First, let's create the Hoa/Foo/Test/Unit/Bar.php file, that contains:

namespace Hoa\Foo\Test\Unit;

class Bar extends \Hoa\Test\Unit\Suite
    public function caseBaz()
        $this->integer(7 * 3 * 2)->isEqualTo(42);

A class represents a test suite (that extends the Hoa\Test\Unit\Suite class). A method represents a test case, where its name must be prefixed by case.

The Hoa\Test library enables the Praspel extension for atoum. Consequently, we have the realdom, sample, sampleMany etc. asserters to automatically generate data.

Automatically generate unit tests

Thanks to Praspel, we are able to automatically generate test suites. Those test suites are compiled into executable test suites written with atoum's API with the help of the Praspel extension for atoum.

Let Hoa\Foo\Baz be the following class:

namespace Hoa\Foo;

class Baz
     * @requires x: /foo.+ba[rz]/;
     * @ensures  \result: true;
    public function qux()
        // …

Then, to automatically generate a test suite, we will use the hoa test:generate command. It has the following options:

  • -c/--classes to generate tests of some classes,
  • -n/--namespaces to generate tests of all classes in some namespaces,
  • -d/--dry-run to generate tests but output them instead of save them.

The dry-run mode is very helpful. We encourage you to often generate tests with this option to see what happens. This option is also helpful when having some errors.

Thus, to automatically generate tests of the Hoa\Foo\Baz class, we will make:

$ hoa test:generate --classes Hoa.Foo.Baz

Hoa.Foo.Baz is equivalent to Hoa\\Foo\\Baz, it avoids to escape backslashes. Then to execute this test suite, nothing new:

$ hoa test:run --libraries Foo


$ hoa test:run --directories Test/Praspel/

to only run the test suite generated by the Praspel tools.

Environment variables

  • HOA_ATOUM_BIN: This variable represents the path to the atoum binary.


The hack book of Hoa\Test contains detailed information about how to use this library and how it works.

To generate the documentation locally, execute the following commands:

$ composer require --dev hoa/devtools
$ vendor/bin/hoa devtools:documentation --open

More documentation can be found on the project's website: hoa-project.net.

Getting help

There are mainly two ways to get help:


Do you want to contribute? Thanks! A detailed contributor guide explains everything you need to know.


Hoa is under the New BSD License (BSD-3-Clause). Please, see LICENSE for details.