Google Analytics tracking widget for Yii2 applications

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Google Analytics tracking widget for Yii2 applications

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Provides really easy adding Google Analytics tracking widget to a site. Even easier then adding a widget into a site layout.

Works by adding Behavior to the Application View. Behavior listens to EVENT_END_BODY and echos the counter script.


The preferred way to install this yii2-extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require "hiqdev/yii2-google-analytics"

or add

"hiqdev/yii2-google-analytics": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json.


This extension is supposed to be used with composer-config-plugin.

Else look src/config/web.php for cofiguration example.

Available configuration parameters:

  • googleAnalytics.id
  • googleAnalytics.params

For more details please see src/config/params.php.


This project is released under the terms of the BSD-3-Clause license. Read more here.

Copyright © 2017, HiQDev (http://hiqdev.com/)