Simple, flexible, Location post type into maps for Hip Marketing Sites

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This plugin adds a location post type to WordPress, along with templates for listing all locations and displaying individual locations.


[ location_module ] - Renders a page section listing all locations, including a map.

[ location_module_without_map ] - Renders a page section listing all locations; no map.

[ hip_location_map ] - Renders a map with pins for all locations.

Overriding Single Location Template

A default template for displaying a single location is included. This template displays a Google Map of the location with placecard, the address of the location, a link to review the location on Google, hours of operation, and a place for free-form additional information. It also takes advantage of several settings that can be controlled from the WP Admin.

If this template does not meet your needs, you can create your own template in your theme or a seperate plugin. The following code can be placed in your functions.php file to override the template file used:

add_filter( 'single_template', function($template) {
    global $post;
    if ( $post->post_type == 'location' ) {
        // Replace with the path to your custom template file
        $template = get_stylesheet_directory() . '/inc/location.php'

    return $template;
}, 11 );