Simple implementation of Pub/Sub for Hack

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Simple implementation of Pub/Sub for Hack.

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Basic usage

Usage is very simple, You just implement Message the Subscriber.
The following are register to MessagePublisher and just publish a message.

namespace domain;

use HHPack\Publisher\Message;
use HHPack\Publisher\Subscribable;
use HHPack\Publisher\MessagePublisher;

final class DomainMessage implements Message

final class DomainMessageSubscriber implements Subscribable<Message>
  public async function onDomainMessage(DomainMessage $message) : Awaitable<void>
    await async_task1();
    await async_task2();

$publisher = new MessagePublisher();
$publisher->registerSubscriber(new DomainMessageSubscriber());

await $publisher->publish(new DomainMessage());

Run the test

You can run the test with the following command.

composer install
composer test