This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the kherge/json package instead.

Encodes, decodes, and validates JSON data.

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A library for encoding, decoding, linting, and validating JSON data.

This library provides a simplified interface into existing functionality that is provided by PHP's json extension, justinrainbow/json-schema, and also seld/jsonlint. The purpose is to make it easy to use while making it hard to miss errors.




$json = new JSON();

// Decode JSON values.
$decoded = $json->decode('{"test":123}');

// Decode JSON values in files.
$decoded = $json->decodeFile('/path/to/file.json');

// Encode native values.
$encoded = $json->encode(['test' => 123]);

// Encode native values into files.
$json->encodeFile(['test' => 123], '/path/to/file.json');

// Lint an encoded JSON value.

// Lint an encoded JSON value in a file.

// Validate a decoded JSON value using a JSON schema.


The JSONInterface interface is your best resource. The JSON class you will be using implements this interface and contains all of the information you will need.


  • PHP 7.3+
    • json


composer require kherge/json=^3


This library is released under the MIT and Apache 2.0 licenses.