A module for SeAT that adds the ability of using groups to assign roles to user that are in a group

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With this SeAT Package you can create auto, opt-in, managed and hidden groups which correlate to SeAT-Roles.

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Important: seat-groups are work in progress and certainly have some bugs please do report any findings to seat-slack and report it as an issue


  1. cd to /var/www/seat
  2. enter composer require herpaderpaldent/seat-groups
  3. run migration php artisan migrate




SeAT Groups

auto group

Members of set corporation are getting assigned the corresponding roles


opt-in group

Members of set corporation can opt-in into a seat group and get then assigned the corresponding roles


managed groups

Members may apply for these groups. Managers may accept or deny the application


hidden groups

This seat group is for hidden groups f.e. CEO. This group is only shown on the overview for users with seatgroup.create and superuser Permission.



Some Member does not get the roles he is supposed to

Make sure that all of your usergroups have a main_character set

I just updated SeAT Groups but the fix is not working

Restart supervisor or seat-worker container to load the new code to workers.

I have set an affiliation but it isn't shown

Make sure you are running the latest version. Later versions interfered with AdBlockers. Disable your adblocker temporally as work around and update.


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