This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the stampie/stampie-bundle package instead.

This bundle provides integration for Stampie Email Library

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v2.1.1 2022-03-30 13:36 UTC

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Integrates Stampie with Symfony.

$ composer require stampie/stampie-bundle


Add Stampie\StampieBundle\StampieBundle() to your AppKernel.php in the registerBundles method.

Add the configuration to config.yml as follows

    mailer: postmark # [send_grid, postmark, mailgun, mandrill, mailjet, spark_post] are supported
    server_token: POSTMARK_API_TEST # Replace with your ServerToken for your Service

The HttpClient used by the bundle is configurable. By default, it uses the service httplug.client, which is the name of the default HTTP client when using HttplugBundle. Using this bundle is optional. You can provide your own service integrating HTTPlug:

    http_client: my_http_client


This bundles allows you to use StampieExtra easily: add the extra library in your project. The integration is activated automatically to wrap the mailer in the extra mailer dispatching events. An integration with the profiler is also provided.

If you want to enable the ImpersonateListener to send all emails to the same address, provide a non-empty delivery address:

        delivery_address: dev@example.com