This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the stampie/stampie-bundle package instead.

This bundle provides integration for Stampie Email Library

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Integrates Stampie with Symfony.

$ composer require stampie/stampie-bundle


Add Stampie\StampieBundle\StampieBundle() to your AppKernel.php in the registerBundles method.

Add the configuration to config.yml as follows

    adapter: buzz # buzz, guzzle and noop are supported
    mailer: postmark # [send_grid, postmark, mailgun, mandrill, mailjet, spark_post] is supported
    server_token: POSTMARK_API_TEST # Replace with your ServerToken for you Service

For the buzz adapter to work it is required to have a buzz service fortunately SensioBuzzBundle provides this.

If you want to use the guzzle adapter, the MisdGuzzleBundle provides the required dependencies.


This bundles allows you to use StampieExtra easily: add the extra library in your project and activate the configuration to wrap the mailer in the extra mailer dispatching events:

    extra: ~

If you want to enable the ImpersonateListener to send all emails to the same address, provide a non-empty delivery address:

        delivery_address: dev@example.com