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an overly simplistic email utility

dev-master 2014-04-22 15:57 UTC

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Last update: 2021-07-06 01:55:59 UTC


Gaggle is an overly simplistic, insecure, and very feature-incomplete email library for creating a raw email message.


You're best bet is to check the tests/examples to see usage, as I'm awful at documentation. In all honesty, you should use a better email lib for anything you want to take seriously.


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Note the absense of v1.0

	"require" : {
		"henderjon/gaggle": "dev-master"


See LICENSE.md for the BSD-3-Clause license.


These are not necessarily supported or implemented. They are here as a reference for further reading.


There is no security or safety features of any kind. These might not be a bad idea to add.

There are no transport layers. I built this to be used with AWS SES::SendRawEmail(). Someday when I have time, I might try to build this out enough to use a different protocol (e.g. SMTP).

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