A contao module to subscribe to news topics

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Contao 3 backport from Contao Newsalert Bundle

A contao module, to let website visitor subscribe to a news topic.

The module comes with an interface to add custom news topic, for example categories, tags, authors.


  • subscribe form module
  • add custom topic sources
  • send notifications to user subscribed to topics with notification center
  • use contao cron to trigger send
  • security features
    • captcha in form field
    • opt-in process after subscribe
    • token secured opt-out links
  • dublicate entry check
    • when dublicate entry is not confirmed, resend activation link instead of showing error message
  • archive informations about sent messages
  • bundled topic source for news archives



Install via composer

composer require heimrichhannot/contao-newsalert

Afterwards call the Contao install procedure to update the database.


  • add topic sources
  • set up notification center notifications
    • hh_newsalert for newsalert messages
    • formhybrid-opt-in for opt-in mails
  • add frontend registration module and configure it
  • activate newsalert in news archive you want newsalert for


For performance reasons, we insist on disabling the "Command-Scheduler" in Settings (enable tl_settings.disableCron) and run the cron jobs by a dedicated cronjob within your servers crontab.

Contao 3:

* * * * * wget -O /dev/null -q https://[DOMAIN-NAME]/system/cron/cron.php --no-check-certificate


The module adds a checkbox to news archive to activate (or deactivate) newsalert for archives. It also add a checkbox to the news articles form to set (or unset) an article sent (by setting unsent newsalert will be triggered again for said article).

The overview about sent messages is placed within the news archive section (News -> Newsalert). The management of the receivers is found withing the newsalert section (News -> Newsalert -> Newsalert receivers)


Add topic source

To add a topic source, your topics class needs to implement the NewsTopicInterface and has to be registered within $GLOBALS['HUH_NEWSALERT']['TOPIC_SOURCE'].


$GLOBALS['HUH_NEWSALERT']['TOPIC_SOURCE']['newsarchives'] = \HeimrichHannot\ContaoNewsAlertBundle\Components\NewsArchiveTopics::class;

Notification center tokens

ContaoNewsalert uses Notification Center for e-mail sending. Following tokens are added to news_posted type (in addition to the default ones):


Frontend autocompletion

We recommend Chosen to add a search field to the topic select element. It's already used by Contao in the backend.