A collection of additional inserttags for contao cms.

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This bundle provides some additional inserttags for contao CMS.

The download inserttag template is already prepared for AMP Bundle.



Inserttag Example Description
strtotime {{strtotime::midnight}} Returns supported return values of strtotime() (see php docs). Also possible: {{strtotime::+ 1 day::<timestamp>::<date/time format>}}
link_url_abs {{link_url_abs::92}} Get the absolute url of an page.
email_label {{email_label::info@example.org::E-Mail}} Generate an e-mail link with custom label. Custom classes and id are also possible: ({{email_label::info@example.org::E-Mail::btn btn-default::my_custom_email_link}})
download {{download::9263228b-9577-11e8-abd4-a08cfddc0261}} Generate an download link to the file with file name as label and download size. File parameter can be file uuid or file path. Optional parameter for custom label, link css class and link css id.
download_link {{download_link::9263228b-9577-11e8-abd4-a08cfddc0261}} Get the download url. File parameter can be file uuid or file path.
download_size {{download_size::9263228b-9577-11e8-abd4-a08cfddc0261}} Get the formatted download size. File parameter can be file uuid or file path.


Inserttag Example Description
small {{small}} Start small text (Outputs <small>)
endsmall {{endsmall}} Stops small text (Outputs </small>)
span {{span::class=product highlight&id=product5&title=Super Product}} Start span element text (Example outputs <span class="product highlight" id="product5" title="Super Product">)
endspan {{endspan}} Stops small text (Outputs </span>)

Technical introduction


composer require heimrichhannot/contao-inserttagcollection-bundle

Upgrade from module

This bundle replaces following modules:

  • heimrichhannot/contao-inserttags_absolute
  • heimrichhannot/contao-inserttag_email
  • heimrichhannot/contao-inserttag_download

See upgrade notices for more information.