A general status message bundle for the frontend.

2.5.0 2023-10-17 09:45 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-17 10:31:20 UTC


A general status message module for the frontend.


  • use same functionality as contao message class in the frontend
  • Encore Bundle support



  1. Install with composer or contao manager

    composer require heimrichhannot/contao-status_messages

  2. Update database

In a module

Simply add the following to your template:

<?php echo \HeimrichHannot\StatusMessages\StatusMessage::generate($this->id); ?>

To add new Messages use the appropriate function in StatusMessage:

StatusMessage::addError('An error has happened', $this->id);

By using the global frontend module ModuleStatusMessages

Simply add the module to your page. The contained javascript gets all messages thrown in your modules and adds it to the global markup element. It's necessary to use javascript here since else you get problems with order and redirects.