This bundle offers a lost password function for the backend of the Contao CMS.

1.6.2 2024-03-26 14:51 UTC


This bundle offers a lost password function for the backend of the Contao CMS.

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  • don't ever send your customers new passwords if they forgot or lost theirs again :-)
  • after a password request, an email is being sent to the email address of the corresponding user offering a reset link


  1. Install via composer: composer require heimrichhannot/contao-backend-lost-password-bundle and update your database.
  2. Set the huh_backend_lost_password.add_to_template to true if you want the lost password link automatically added to you backend login template.
# config/config.yml
    add_to_template: true


Use Notification center

You can use Notification Center to send the password request.

  1. Create a notification of type User: Lost password with ##recipient_email## as recipient and content that contains ##link## (the link to the password reset page). You can use additional token: ##domain## and user data withing ##user_*##.
  2. Set the id of the notification in your project configuration in huh_backend_lost_password.nc_notification.
# config/config.yml
  nc_notification: 5

Usage in a custom template

You can insert the lost password link in a custom login template where you want by calling BackendLostPasswortManager->getLostPasswordLink().

<!-- ... -->
<div class="widget">
    <label for="password"><?= $this->password ?></label>
    <input type="password" name="password" id="password" class="tl_text" value="" placeholder="<?= $this->password ?>" required>

<?= System::getContainer()->get(\HeimrichHannot\BackendLostPasswordBundle\Manager\BackendLostPasswordManager::class)->getLostPasswordLink() ?>

<div class="submit_container cf">
    <button type="submit" name="login" id="login" class="tl_submit"><?= $this->loginButton ?></button>
    <a href="<?= $this->route('contao_root') ?>" class="footer_preview"><?= $this->feLink ?> ›</a>
<!-- ... -->

Adjust the email's text

Hint: You can also set a notification center message by setting the id in your config.yml (see below).

Simply override the following $GLOBALS entries:


Configuration reference

# Default configuration for extension with alias: "huh_backend_lost_password"

  # If true, that backend lost password link will be automatically added to the backed login template. Default false. Will be true in the next major version!
  add_to_template:      false

  # The numeric ID of the notification center notification which is sent for resetting the password.
  nc_notification:        false