Adds plugins for list / show job postings with meta-data and schema.org stuff. Uses tt_address for job-contacts and job-location.

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4.0.0 2024-04-03 09:03 UTC


hh_simple_job_posts is a TYPO3 extension. Lists and shows job posts / job offers incl. schema.org stuff (e. g. for google jobs) and (if you have EXT:hh_seo loaded) meta-tags.



... like any other TYPO3 extension

  • create a folder at the TYPO3 backend tree in which addresses of hiring-organisations are stored. Then set the UID of this folder at the TYPO3 constants editor ([plugin.tx_hhsimplejobposts.persistence.storagePidOrganizations])
  • create a folder at the TYPO3 backend tree in which addresses of contact-point-addresses are stored. Then set the UID of this folder at the TYPO3 constants editor ([plugin.tx_hhsimplejobposts.persistence.storagePidContactPointAddresses])
  • both folders can be the same
  • for addresses at this 2 folder it is required that the field 'tx_extbase_type' is set to 'place'!
  • create a folder at the TYPO3 backend tree in which jobs are stored.

Job-list and Job-detail on the same page

Disable all other content on this site/page if detail view of job-posts is given

In this Example you should replace "MainContent" with your own one! TypoScript example (https://github.com/Hauer-Heinrich/hh_simple_job_posts/blob/master/Configuration/TypoScript/example.typoscript):

[traverse(request.getQueryParams(), 'tx_hhsimplejobposts_jobslist/jobpost') > 0]
    ### In our current opinion better solution:
    ### Create a new colPos for your TYPO3 backendlayout
    ### and show this colpos only if the detail view of job-posts is given
    ### Example if you have in your main typoscript theme config something like the following 2 lines

    ### page.10.variables.MainContent =< styles.content.get
    ### page.10.variables.MainContent.select.where = colPos = 1

    ### then add this "[traverse ...] from above with this next 3 lines in it
    # page.10.variables.MainContent >
    # page.10.variables.MainContent =< styles.content.get
    # page.10.variables.MainContent.select.where = colPos = 100

    ### alternative: most used way like for EXT:news
    # lib.leftcontent = USER
    # lib.leftcontent {
    #     userFunc = TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Core\Bootstrap->run
    #     pluginName = Jobslist
    #     extensionName = HhSimpleJobPosts
    #     vendorName = HauerHeinrich
    #     controller = Jobpost
    #     action = show

    #     view < plugin.tx_hhsimplejobposts.view
    #     persistence < plugin.tx_hhsimplejobposts.persistence
    #     settings < plugin.tx_hhsimplejobposts.settings
    # }
    # page.10.variables.MainContent =< lib.leftcontent

Translations via TypoScript

### Example:
plugin.tx_hhsimplejobposts {
        de {
            detail.maintasks = Deine Aufgaben
            detail.profile = Dein Profil
            detail.skills = Deine Skills
            detail.weprovide = Das erwartet dich bei uns
            detail.hiringOrganization = Oder per Post an:
            detail.phone.before = Tel.:
            detail.contact_point_email.before = Ihre Anfrage/Bewerbung senden Sie bitte an:
            detail.contact_point_telephone.before = Tel.:
            detail.contact_point_telephone.after =


  • automatically generates config for sitemap (EXT:seo)
  • compatible with EXT:hh_seo
  • shippes default config for nice-urls see example: Configuration/Typo3/sites/config.yaml
  • provides psr-14 events

Available events

When register to an event you can always access the class where the event is fired. For additional items see column "Access to" in the table below.

Event class Fired in class Access to
JobpostsListEvent JobpostController getAssignedValues(), getSettings()

Event description

Connect to event

To connect to an event, you need to register an event listener in your custom extension. All what it needs is an entry in your Configuration/Services.yaml file:

      - name: event.listener
        identifier: 'your-self-choosen-identifier'
        method: 'yourMethodToConnectToEvent'
        event: HauerHeinrich\HhSimpleJobPosts\Event\JobpostsListEvent

Write your EventListener

An example event listener can look like this:

namespace Vendor\Extension\EventListener;
use HauerHeinrich\HhSimpleJobPosts\Event\JobpostsListEvent;

 * Use JobpostsListEvent from ext:hh_simple_job_posts
class YourListener {
     * Do what you want...
    public function yourMethodToConnectToEvent(JobpostsListEvent $event): void {
        $values = $event->getAssignedValues();

        // Do some stuff



  • improve readme
Copyright notice

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