A symfony messenger transport implementation for redis streams.

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A symfony messenger transport implementation for redis streams.

NOTE: Most of the logic has moved to the Core Symfony Messenger component in 4.3. So this bundle is not longer a requirement to use messenger with redis streams. You can now use the redis:// instead of redis-stream:// and remove this bundle from your requirements.


  • PHP: ^7.1
    • Redis Extension: ^4.2
  • Redis Server: ^5.0

Symfony compatibility

Symfony Messenger Version Bundle Version
4.2 1.0
4.3 1.1

When upgrading to symfony 4.3 you should replace this bundle with the symfony redis:// transport and remove the bundle from your requirements.


You need composer to install this bundle to your symfony application.

composer require handcraftedinthealps/redis-transport-bundle



When using the symfony/framework-bundle you can configure the following:

# config/packages/framework.yaml
                senders: ['redis_stream']
            redis_stream: 'redis-stream://'

You can then send a DomainEventMessage or your custom Message over the redis stream:

use HandcraftedInTheAlps\Bundle\RedisTransportBundle\Message\DomainEventMessage;

    new DomainEventMessage(
        'mountain.modified',    // the custom event action
        'mountain',             // the model which has been changed
        '1',                    // the model id or uuid
        [                       // the model payload
            'id' => '1',
            'name' => 'Piz Buin',
            'height' => 3312,

And you can consume the messages with:

bin/console messenger:consume-messages redis_stream

Have also a look at the messenger component documentation and messenger usage documentation.


Messages in streams won't be removed by default. Therefor this bundle provides a command:

bin/console redis-transport:trim <redis-dsn> --maxlen 1000