GroupBy Inc. Searchandiser PHP API.

v2.0.249 2017-08-22 15:13 UTC


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Setup Instructions

For more on robo php taskrunner see here.

To install

composer install

To install and test

composer test

To add a dependency to this project


Add the following to the require block of your composer.json

"groupby/api": "2.0.249"

or run

composer require groupby/api:2.0.249



$bridge = new CloudBridge('<client key', 'myCustomerId');
$query = new Query();
/** @var Results $results */
$results = $bridge->search($query);

Quickstart Web Application

Look here for an example of how to load the annotations used by our API for serialization.


As of v2.0.44 zones in a template will be serialized as an array with the names of the zones as keys.