A Laravel Nova responsive theme.

v0.8.1 2020-03-08 16:15 UTC

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A simple Laravel Nova theme that add responsiveness to the site.

It can be used as is, or as a base theme to your own ones.


You can install the nova theme into a Laravel app that uses Nova via composer:

composer require gregoriohc/laravel-nova-theme-responsive

This theme include some config based options. To use them, first publish the config file:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Gregoriohc\LaravelNovaThemeResponsive\ThemeServiceProvider"

And then you can configure the options editing the config/nova-theme-responsive.php file.


Dashboard Menu Index
nova-responsive-dashboard-view nova-responsive-index-menu-view nova-responsive-index-view
Detail Create Delete
nova-responsive-detail-view nova-responsive-create-view nova-responsive-delete-view


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.