Gravatar URL builder which is most commonly called as a Gravatar library

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Gravatar URL builder which is most commonly called as a Gravatar library.


Via Composer

$ composer require gravatarphp/gravatar


Create a Gravatar instance and use it for creating URLs.

use Gravatar\Gravatar;

// Defaults: no default parameter, use HTTPS
$gravatar = new Gravatar([], true);

// Returns

// Returns

// Returns

// Returns

You can override the globally used protocol (HTTP, HTTPS) by setting the last parameter to true/false.

use Gravatar\Gravatar;

$gravatar = new Gravatar();

// Returns
$gravatar->avatar('', [], false);

// Returns
$gravatar->profile('', false);

// Returns
$gravatar->vcard('', false);

// Returns
$gravatar->qrCode('', false);

Last, but not least, you can pass default options to the builder and use them to generate avatar URLs.

use Gravatar\Gravatar;

$gravatar = new Gravatar([
    'size' => 500,

// Returns
$gravatar->avatar('', ['r' => 'g']);

Note: Parameters are not sanitized or validated in anyway. For valid parameters check the Gravatar documentation.

Note: Profile, vCard and QR Code requests will only work with the primary email address. This is a limitation of Gravatar. However the builder won't complain, since it doesn't know if it is your primary address or not. For more tips and details check the Gravatar documentation.


$ composer test



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.