Graph Story Graph Kit for PHP

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Graph Databases

Graph databases are amazing. They have no peer when it comes to dealing with connected data. Their speed, ease-of-use, and utility make them a truly disruptive technology.

That's all well and good, but how to get started with graphs? What is graph data, and what are graph databases? What are the practical applications of graph databases, and where in the world can one find the time to learn, implement, and integrate this new technology?

Graph Story to the Rescue

The Graph Kit for PHP is a demo app provided by Graph Story to jump start your learning, understanding, and implementation of graphs and graph databases. You'll learn about Neo4j and nodes and relationships and Cypher (the declarative Neo4J query language) and Neo4j's REST API, and how to interact with it all programmatically. Best of all, your learning will be all hands on!

Graph Database and Graph Kit Data

The Graph Kit data, and a hosted instance of Neo4j, is available with a free trial account on the Graph Story platform. What are you waiting for? Create your free trial account right. now.

Graph Kit Installation

Graph Kit installation instructions are available within your Graph Story account.


If you have any issues with the Graph Kit for PHP, or if you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, please shoot us an email at

Bonus: Practical Neo4j

The Graph Kit is loosely based on the PHP sample project for Practical Neo4j by Greg Jordan, Founder and CEO of Graph Story. Order your copy today!