Adds CommonMark support to CakePHP 3

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Adds CommonMark support to CakePHP 3 using the league/commonmark package.

What's included?

  • CommonMarkAwareTrait
  • CommonMarkHelper
  • CommonMarkBehavior coming soon


Using Composer:

composer require gourmet/common-mark:~1.0

You then need to load the plugin. You can use the shell command:

bin/cake plugin load Gourmet/CommonMark

or by manually adding statement shown below to boostrap.php:



The plugin is basically a bridge disguised as a trait Gourmet\CommonMark\Utility\CommonMarkAwareTrait, so you could just use the trait from anywhere you wish.

To simplify it, both, a behavior and a helper have also been created.

// in any table's `initialize()`:

// in `App\View\AppView` or any view/controller for that matter:

For more, please check the tests and the league/commonmark library.

Patches & Features

  • Fork
  • Mod, fix
  • Test - this is important, so it's not unintentionally broken
  • Commit - do not mess with license, todo, version, etc. (if you do change any, bump them into commits of their own that I can ignore when I pull)
  • Pull request - bonus point for topic branches

Bugs & Feedback



Copyright (c) 2015, Jad Bitar and licensed under The MIT License.