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FluidTYPO3 based Twitter Bootstrap Package



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What is it

A collection of Twitter Bootstrap oriented Fluid Content Elements and Page Templates written for EXT:fluidcontent and EXT:fluidpages using ViewHelpers from EXT:vhs. It uses EXT:flux


What does it do?

Provides the template files and TypoScript setup necessary to use the included elements and pages.


How does it do it?

By leveraging the integration logic provided by EXT:fluidcontent and EXT:fluidpages - enabling use of specially constructed Fluid templates as content elements, much like the Flexible Content Elements concept from TemplaVoila.


How to install it?

Download, install the extension and include the static TypoScript template in your Roottemplate. You can use the Constant-Editor to define basic configuration for the extension like Columnwidth etc. If you dont want to use the Constant-Editor to set these globally, you can disable this funktionality by adding plugin.tx_t3gp.settings.useTypoScript = 0 to your Setup. By doing this, you enable these settings in the properties of each page.



Actually T3gp is only working with DEV Versions of : EXT:flux, EXT:vhs, EXT:fluidcontent, EXT:fluidpages - You can get them on


How is it used?

After installation and inclusion of the static TypoScript, the included content elements and will be available as new content element types and page layouts when inserting new content or creating new pages.

When inserted, each content element contains a special panel with configuration specifying how to render the content element. So do the pages. After installation and inclusion of the static TypoScript configuration, a new group of templates is added to the page template selection boxes in page properties - configurable with a page template to use for all subpages, just like TemplaVoila.




Some Screenshots



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