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What is Goodby Setup?

Goodby Setup is powerful oneliner to support setting up GitHub repositories of PHP components.

Do you spent some hours to setup your component's repository?

Does the setup task annoy you?

If you answer "yes", you may use Goody Setup oneliner to say "Goodbye" to your setup task!


1. Easy to deploy

As Goodby Setup prepares simple composer.json skeleton for Composer users, you can deploy your PHP components very fast via Packagist.

2. Easy to start continuous integration

Goodby Setup creats travis ci config file .travis.yml as default. It is very easy to begin continuous integration wih TravisCI.

3. Simple and Standard file structure

The file structure generated by Goodby Setup follows world wide common style PSR-0.

4. Easy to begin unit testing

Goodby Setup bundles unit testing tools like PHPUnit and Mockery for default. So, you can quickly start unit testing.

5. Ready to collaboration

Goodby Setup bundles PHP CodeSniffer(phpcs). phpcs checks if the PHP codes follows your project coding standard. You can easily start to collaborates with the other committers and pull-requesters. The default coding standard which Goodby Setup provides is PSR-2.




Set up your project with Goodby Setup:

$ curl<github-username>/<github-repository-name> | sh