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Simple authentication storage library.

This library only handles the storage of authentication data. It does not handle the authentication itself or storage/retrieval of user data.


Via Composer

$ composer require golem/auth


You must have a user model that implements Golem\Auth\Authenticatable.

The getAuthId method must return a unique identifier for the user. This can be an auto-incrementing primary key, a uuid, a unique email address or username, or any other field that can be used to uniquely identify a user.

use Golem\Auth\Authenticatable;

class User implements Authenticatable
    public $id;
    public $name;
    public $email;
    public function getAuthId()
        return $this->id;

Your repository or database model must implement Golem\Auth\UserRepository.

The findUserById method must return the user object that implements Golem\Auth\Authenticatable for the given value of the field returned by getAuthId.

It should throw a RuntimeException if the user is not found.

class UserRepository implements \Golem\Auth\UserRepository
    public function findUserById($id)
        // or whatever you need to do to pull a user record
        $data = $this->database->fetchRow('SELECT * from users WHERE id = ?', [$id]);
        if (!$data) {
            throw new \RuntimeException('User not found.');
        return new User($data);

You now can use the Golem Auth library.

// Use the native php session
$storage = new \Golem\Auth\NativeSession();
// get an instance of your user repository however you need to
$userRepository = new UserRepository($database_connection);
$auth = new \Golem\Auth($storage, $userRepository);

Logging in a User

You must pull a user record and check the credentials yourself. This is not part of Golem Auth. I recommend using the password_hash, and password_verify functions to check credentials.

// Should return a User instance that implements Golem\Auth\Authenticatable
$user = $userRepository->getByCredentials($email, $password);

// Store the user login

Checking for a logged in User

if ($auth->loggedIn()) {
  // The user is logged in

if (!$auth->loggedIn()) {
  // The user is not logged in

Getting the user object for the currently logged in user

// The first time this is called a fresh user record will be pulled from the UserRepository.
// Any further calls will return the existing record.
// If there is no logged in user this will return null.
// If the logged in user cannot be pulled a RuntimeException will be thrown.
$user = $auth->user();

// Returns just the user identifier
// This does not pull anything from the UserRepository
$id = $auth->getUserId();

Logging out the user



$ composer test


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.