Geonames importer and models for Eloquent ORM based on yurtesen/geonames

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This package provides probably the best Eloquent models, most complete SQL schemas and fastest Artisan commands to import/update a local copy of GeoNames databases.


Please include the following require in your composer.json :

    "require": {
        "girotecnics/geonames": "~1.1"

or install using command line :

composer require "girotecnics/geonames" "~1.1"

after installation, you will need to add the service provider in your config\app.php to 'providers' array


and execute installation, download and seed

php artisan geonames:install
php artisan migrate
php artisan geonames:seed

Note: If you are using Lumen. You have to first install irazasyed/larasupport !

Usage and Configuration

Please see the wiki for further information

Provided Eloquent Models

Please see the Wiki pages for implementation details.

Name Key Relations Scopes
GeonamesGeoname geoname_id alternateName, timeZone,country admin1,city,countryInfo
GeonamesAlternateName geoname_id geoname
GeonamesCountryInfo iso timezone,continent
GeonamesFeatureCode code
GeonamesLanguageCode iso_639_3
GeonamesTimezone timezone_id
GeonamesHierarchy parent_id
GeonamesAdmin1Code geoname_id geoname,hierarchies
GeonamesAdmin2Code geoname_id geoname,hierarchies


GeoNames file names and corresponding table names created in your database.

Filename Tablename
timeZones.txt geonames_timezones geonames_geonames
countryInfo.txt geonames_country_infos
iso-languagecodes.txt geonames_language_codes geonames_alternate_names geonames_hierarchies
admin1CodesASCII.txt geonames_admin1_codes
admin2Codes.txt geonames_admin2_codes
featureCodes_en.txt geonames_feature_codes

If You Need Help

Please check the wiki for more information about how to utilize the package efficiently and usage examples. If something does not work or if you have a suggestion, please do not hesitate to use the issue tracker.

Note: If you are using Lumen. You have to first install irazasyed/larasupport !