Yii powered task runner and deployment solution

0.5.0 2014-09-13 15:33 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-17 13:07:41 UTC


Fetch, setup, automate and deploy your projects!
...powered by PHP & the Yii Framework.

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(once ready) you'll be able to use DeploYii either as a simple task runner to automate your project setup and configuration or as deployment solution to package and deploy your code.


Getting started

  1. get DeploYii: composer create-project giovdk21/deployii deployii ~0.5
  2. go inside the deployii folder (cd deployii/)
  3. run ./deployii to check the available options
  4. run ./deployii fetch example_basic to try out the basic example
  5. run ./deployii run ~/.deployii/workspace/example_basic_[...]/basicExample/ to run it again, without re-downloading it
  6. run ./deployii run ~/.deployii/workspace/example_basic_[...]/basicExample/ clean to run the clean target
  7. run ./deployii init ~/.deployii/workspace/helloWorld/ to create a new build script

For more information see the documentation on the wiki.

return [

  'deployiiVersion' => '0.5.0',

  'require' => [],

  'params' => [
    'username' => 'world',

  'targets' => [
    'default' => [
      ['out', 'Hello {{username}}!'],

...want to see more? Click here 😉

Available features

  • build script based on a simple PHP array
  • fetch your code from git and store it into a unique workspace directory
  • build script parameters
  • build script requirements
  • user defined command and recipes
  • output text to the user
  • require user input (prompt, confirm and select between multiple values)
  • non interactive mode
  • override default parameters with command line options
  • save / load information from json files
  • if / else statement
  • replace placeholders with build parameters values (both strings and arrays are supported)
  • check the build script compatibility with the current DeploYii version and return the list of non-backward compatible changes
  • call a target from another (chaining)
  • execute shell commands
  • copy file
  • copy folders
  • create folder
  • remove file
  • remove folder (recursive)
  • move files and folders
  • set files and folders permissions
  • archive/compress files and folders
  • SFTP support (put, get, mkdir, chmod, mv, rm, rmdir, ...)
  • SFTP authentication via RSA key
  • SFTP exec (exec remote command via ssh)
  • FTP support (passive mode only)
  • multiple SFTP / FTP connections
  • replace in files
  • script command to fetch (clone) from git
  • path aliases to the workspace and the build script folders
  • parameters placeholders also work in paths
  • build execution log
  • dry run mode

Planned features

  • command to run composer which downloads it if not present
  • command to self update DeploYii
  • codeception related commands
  • other CI related commands
  • JS and CSS minification and concatenation
  • workspaces cleanup
  • project management user interface
  • database based project information
  • etc.