Ops One Managed Server installed PHP extensions, replaces the corresponding Symfony polyfills to avoid installing these unneeded packages.


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This package replaces the corresponding Symfony polyfills for installed PHP extensions to avoid installing these unneeded packages for your PHP project hosted at an Ops One Managed Server.

Table of contents:


Require this package as normal dependency and by providing the desired branch:

composer require gilbertsoft/opsone-managed-server dev-<branch>

To install the package for a Managed Server Version 8 with PHP 8.1 run:

composer require gilbertsoft/opsone-managed-server dev-server8-php81

Please head to the branches overview to see all supported combinations. If your desired combination is missing, please create a feature request.

If the package is installed as dev requirement, the package won't work as expected using the install option --no-dev.

Feedback / Bug reports / Contribution

Bug reports, feature requests and pull requests are welcome in the GitHub repository.

For support questions or other discussions please use the GitHub Discussions.


This package is licensed under the MIT License.