Packages from gilbertsoft

  • Shell


    phpMyAdmin installer for OpsOne Managed Server PaaS

  • PHP


    GS Cache Config allows you to switch various caching backends to APCu with fallback in case of CLI mode. Configuration can simply be adapted by the Extension Manager.

  • PHP


    GS Favicon allows you to use favicons generated at with the Bootstrap Package.

  • PHP


    GS Protected Config allows you to import configurations from outside the web directory or override it dependent from the application context or TYPO3 mode (FE, BE, CLI, AJAX and INSTALL). You can use this extension to move the website from dev to testing to production without changing something inside the web root if you place your settings outside. Templates can be found in Resources/Private/Templates. Configuration can simply be adapted by the Extension Manager and must be activated first!

  • PHP


    GS Warranty adapts the TYPO3 backend logos and warranty data and registers a new toolbar item. Feel free to use this extension as base for your own work.

  • gilbertsoft/packagist-test

    Testing packagist

  • gilbertsoft/typo3-bootstrap

    TYPO3 Project Bootstrap

  • PHP


    GS Library is a collection of utility functions, base classes and other templates for the usage in other extensions.

  • CSS


    Sitepackage Vikings Mauer-Klan

  • CSS


    Aimeos Webshop based on TYPO3 CMS and Bootstrap Package for Zwergenfabrik GmbH