Laravel package to create a tmi cluster.

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TMI Cluster enables a highly scalable IRC client cluster for Twitch. TMI Cluster consists of multiple supervisors that can be deployed on multiple hosts. The core is inspired by Horizon, which handles the complex IRC process management. It is designed to work within the Laravel ecosystem.

The cluster stores its data in the database and has a Redis Command Queue to send IRC commands and receive messages.


  • Supervisors can be deployed on multiple servers
  • Up-to-date Twitch IRC Client written in PHP 8
  • Scalable message input/output queue
  • Advanced cluster status dashboard
  • Channel management and invite screen

PHP Twitch Messaging Interface

The TMI Cluster is powered by the PHP Twitch Messaging Interface client to communicate with Twitch. It's a full featured, high performance Twitch IRC client written in PHP 8.

Official Documentation

You can view our official documentation here.