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Sdk for Gerencianet Pagamentos' API. For more informations about parameters and values, please refer to Gerencianet documentation.

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Require this package with composer:

$ composer require gerencianet/gerencianet-sdk-php

Or include it in your composer.json file:

"require": {
  "gerencianet/gerencianet-sdk-php": "3.*"

Install the dependencies

$ composer install


  • PHP >= 5.6
  • Extension ext-simplexml

Tested with

php 5.6 and 7.X

Getting started

Require the module and namespaces:

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Gerencianet\Gerencianet;

Although the web services responses are in json format, the sdk will convert any server response to array. The code must be within a try-catch and exceptions can be handled as follow:

try {
  /* code */
} catch(GerencianetException $e) {
  /* Gerencianet's api errors will come here */
} catch(Exception $ex) {
  /* Other errors will come here */

To begin, you must configure the parameters in the config.json file. Instantiate the information client_id, client_secret for your application and sandbox equal to true, if your environment is Homologation, or false, if it is Production. If you use Pix charges, inform in the attribute pix_cert the directory and name of your certificate in .pem format.

For development environment

Instantiate the module passing using your client_id, client_secret and sandbox equals true:

$options = [
  'client_id' => 'client_id',
  'client_secret' => 'client_secret',
  'pix_cert' => '../certs/developmentCertificate.pem',
  'sandbox' => true,
  'debug' => false,
  'timeout' => 30

$api = new Gerencianet($options);

For production environment

To change the environment to production, just set the third sandbox to false:

$options = [
  'client_id' => 'client_id',
  'client_secret' => 'client_secret',
  'pix_cert' => '../certs/productionCertificate.pem',
  'sandbox' => false,
  'debug' => false,
  'timeout' => 30

$api = new Gerencianet($options);

To generate your certificate open a ticket at informing your account number, application name and environment (Homologation/Production). Our team will return with the .p12 certificate for you to consume the endpoints.

For use in PHP, the certificate must be converted to .pem. Below you will find example using the OpenSSL command for conversion.

Command OpenSSL

// Gerar certificado e chave em único arquivo
openssl pkcs12 -in certificado.p12 -out certificado.pem -nodes

Running examples

You can run using any web server, like Apache or nginx, or simple start a php server as follow:

php -S localhost:9000

Then open any example in your browser.

⚠️ Some examples require you to change some parameters to work, like examples/charge/oneStepBillet.php or examples/pix/charge/create.php where you must change the id parameter.

Version Guidance

Version Status Packagist Repo PHP Version
1.x Maintained gerencianet/gerencianet-sdk-php v1 >= 5.4
2.x Maintained gerencianet/gerencianet-sdk-php v2 >= 5.5
3.x Maintained gerencianet/gerencianet-sdk-php v3 >= 5.6

Additional Documentation

The full documentation with all available endpoints is in