PSR-3 logger for adding colors and indentation on PHP CLI output.

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PSR-3 logger for adding colors and indentation on PHP CLI output.


Use tags and placeholder syntax to provide an easy way to color and indent PHP CLI output. PSR-3 compatibility allows graceful degradation when switching to another PSR-3 compliant logger.


  1. Declare some colors:
    $aConfig = array(
        'colors' => array(
            'debug'      => "\033[0;35m",
            'error'      => "\033[1;31m",
            'section'    => "\033[1;37m",
            'subsection' => "\033[1;33m",
            'ok'         => "\033[1;32m"
    $oLogger = new ColoredIndentedLogger($aConfig);
  1. Use them either by exploiting placeholder syntax with 'C.' prefix:
    $oLogger->info('{C.section}Start of new section');
    $oLogger->info('Result is {C.ok}OK');

Or by logging message with a level equals to a color key:

    $oLogger->debug('some debug information…');
    $oLogger->error(new \RuntimeException('Arghhhh!'));

It is even possible to specify color tag in the value of a placeholder:

    $oLogger->info('Result is {result}', array('result' => '{C.ok}OK'));

See below for demonstration.


You can control indentation level with indent and unindent tags:

  • default tags are '+++' and '---',
  • both usable at the beginning or at the end of any message,
  • one or more occurrences,
  • can be used alone.


$oLogger->info('Section A+++');
$oLogger->info('Step 1');
$oLogger->info('Step 2');
$oLogger->info('------Section B+++');

See below for demonstration.


Default configuration:

    'colors'               => array(),
    'base_indentation'     => "\033[0;30m┆\033[0m   ",
    'indent_tag'           => '+++',
    'unindent_tag'         => '---',
    'min_message_level'    => \Psr\Log\LogLevel::DEBUG,
    'reset_color_sequence' => "\033[0m",
    'color_tag_prefix'     => 'C.'


  • colors(array) Array of key/value pairs to associate bash color codes to color tags (see above).
  • base_indentation(string) Describe what is a simple indentation, e.g. "\t".
  • indent_tag(string) Tag usable at the start or at the end of the message to add one or more indentation level.
  • unindent_tag(string) Tag usable at the start or at the end of the message to remove one or more indentation level.
  • min_message_level(string) Threshold required to log message, must be defined in \Psr\Log\LogLevel.
  • reset_color_sequence(string) Concatenated sequence at the end of message when colors are used. For example: "\033[0m".
  • color_tag_prefix(string) Prefix used in placeholders to distinguish standard context from colors.


See demo.php script for an example:

$ php examples/demo.php

Here is the result:

result of demo.php


  1. Class autoloading and dependencies are managed by Composer so install it following the instructions on Composer: Installation - *nix or just run the following command:
$ curl -sS | php
  1. Add dependency to GAubry\Logger into require section of your composer.json:
        "require": {
            "geoffroy-aubry/logger": "1.*"

and run php composer.phar install from the terminal into the root folder of your project.

  1. Include Composer's autoloader and use the GAubry\Logger class:
    require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';
    use GAubry\Logger\ColoredIndentedLogger;
    $aConfig = array(…);
    $oLogger = new ColoredIndentedLogger($aConfig);


API documentation generated by ApiGen and included in the doc/api folder.

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Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3 (LGPL version 3). See LICENSE file for details.

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    $ php vendor/bin/phpcs --standard=PSR2 src/ tests/ -v
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