Geocoder bpost adapter

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Geocoder PHP is a PHP library which helps you build geo-aware applications by providing a powerful abstraction layer for geocoding manipulations.

This is the "bpost" provider for the Geocoder PHP.

Coverage: Belgium


composer require geo6/geocoder-php-bpost-provider


See Geocoder PHP README file.

use Geocoder\Query\GeocodeQuery;

$httpClient = new \Http\Adapter\Guzzle6\Client();
$provider = new \Geocoder\Provider\bpost\bpost($httpClient);
$geocoder = new \Geocoder\StatefulGeocoder($provider, 'en');

// Query with unstructured address
$result = $geocoder->geocodeQuery(GeocodeQuery::create('5 Place des Palais 1000 Bruxelles'));

// Query with structured address
$query = GeocodeQuery::create('5 Place des Palais 1000 Bruxelles')
    ->withData('streetNumber', '5')
    ->withData('streetName', 'Place des Palais')
    ->withData('postalCode', '1000')
    ->withData('locality', 'Bruxelles');
$results = $geocoder->geocodeQuery($query);