PHP user authentication library

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BlueFish is a PHP user authentication library.

Please note that this project is in initial development and as such, some documentation may be incomplete.

Getting Started

BlueFish is intended to be fully compliant with PSR-1, PSR-2, & PSR-4


To check if the PDO MySQL driver is enabled, run the following command in the CLI or on your web server. (Do not make phpinfo() accessible to anyone!)

phpinfo(); <-- Use in script on webserver.
php -i <-- Use with CLI

and ensure PDO drivers lists MySQL. If it doesn't or you cannot find any mention of PDO in phpinfo(). You may need to recompile PHP using:

./configure --with-pdo-mysql


To add BlueFish to your project, run:

composer require geeshoe/bluefish

If you prefer to use the development branch of BlueFish, use following line of code in the composer.json file.

composer require geeshoe/bluefish dev-develop


BlueFish itself requires no configuration. However, BlueFish utilizes DbLib to handle database queries. As such DbLib needs to be configured with database credential's. See DbLib's documentation for further instruction's.


API & usage documentation is soon to come.


Source available at (

For questions, comments, or rant's, drop me a line at

jr (at) geeshoe (dot) com