PHP library for automating MySQL/MariaDb tasks within your project

v1.0.0-Alpha.5 2019-04-03 00:10 UTC


DbLib is a PHP library intended to make it easier to work with MySQL/MariaDb databases within your project.

Please note that this project is in initial development and as such, some documentation may be incomplete.

Getting Started

DbLib is intended to be fully compliant with PSR-1, PSR-2, & PSR-4


DbLib works with both MySQL and MariaDb.

To check if the above PHP extension's are enabled, run the following command in the CLI or add it to a page in your web root...

phpinfo(); <-- Use with script in webroot.
php -i <-- Use with CLI


To add DbLib to your project, run:

composer require geeshoe/dblib

If you prefer to use the development branch of dblib-php, use following line of code in the composer.json file.

composer require geeshoe/dblib dev-develop

Note: The development branch of DbLib is unstable at times and therefor not recommended in a production environment.


DbLib Configuration parameters can be set using various formats. However, JSON is the only format currently supported out of the box. Other formats such as .env, yaml, etc.. are soon to follow.

It is possible to brew your own config adapter using the AbstractConfigObject in the meantime.

Copy the included dblibConfig_DIST.json to a secure location outside of your projects web root.

Change the values to reflect your database configuration.

  "dblibConfig" : {
    "hostName" : "",
    "port" : "3306",
    "userName" : "myUsername",
    "password" : "SomePassword",
    "database" : "OptionalSeeDocumentation"

The "database" param is not required. If the database is not specified in the config file, you must explicitly declare the database to use in your SQL statements.

I.e. 'SELECT * FROM database.tableName';

PDO Attributes are not fully supported in the current release. The ability to use attributes is provided but has not yet been implemented in DbLib automatically. This is currently at the top of the development list to bring back PDO Attributes as before. Full support for attributes is intended for the next major release, if not sooner.

PDO Attributes can be set in the config file as demonstrated above. More than one attribute can be set as follows:

"pdoAttributes" : [

Persistent Connections are planned in the future for DbLib, but currently are not supported. Because DbLib does not explicitly close PDO connections, it is possible to extend the DbLib class and override the connect()method to set PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT => true.


API & usage documentation is soon to come.


Source available at (

For questions, comments, or rant's, drop me a line at

jr (at) geeshoe (dot) com