JSKOS wrapper to Virtual International Authority File (VIAF)

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This repository contains a wrapper to access the Virtual International Authority File (VIAF) in JSKOS format via Entity Lookup Microservice API (ELMA).


Requires PHP 7, jskos-rdf package and a HTTP client-implementation package.


Install a HTTP client implementation package, e.g. curl-client and this package:

composer require php-http/curl-client gbv/viaf-jskos

This will automatically create composer.json for your project (unless it already exists) and add viaf-jskos as dependency. Composer also generates vendor/autoload.php to get autoloading of all dependencies.


The wrapper can be used as instance of class \JSKOS\Service\VIAF, a subclass of \JSKOS\Service:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$service = new \JSKOS\Service\VIAF();

$jskos = $service->queryURI("");
$jskos = $service->query(["uri" => ""]);
$jskos = $service->query(["notation" => "102333412"]);

This repository contains a command line script to query VIAF in JSKOS format:

php examples/viaf2jskos.php
php examples/viaf2jskos.php 102333412
php examples/viaf2jskos.php Jane Austen


Bugs and feature request are tracked on GitHub.

See of repository jskos-php for general guidelines.

Author and License

Jakob Voß

This package is licensed under the LGPL license (see LICENSE for details).