A PHP library to manage bridge card games

v0.4.0 2024-01-21 18:02 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-28 12:00:33 UTC


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This library offers some PHP classes useful to create a Bridge card game:

  • Game (to be extended)
  • Player (to be extended)
  • Table
  • Turn
  • Hand
  • Side
  • Wins


Run composer require garak/bridge.


Here is an example of the first turn of a game:


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use App\Game;   // this is your Game class, extending \Garak\Bridge\Game
use App\Player;   // this is your Player class, extending \Garak\Bridge\Player
use Garak\Bridge\Hand;
use Garak\Bridge\Side;
use Garak\Bridge\Table;
use Garak\Bridge\Turn;

$north = Hand::createFromString('6s,4h,3s,Td,6c,3d,3h,Kc,Qc,Tc,7d,2c,6d');
$east  = Hand::createFromString('9d,Jh,5s,8c,Ks,4s,5h,4d,8s,Jc,2d,2s,Qs');
$south = Hand::createFromString('7h,Kd,Js,2h,Th,Qh,7s,Ac,3c,Ad,7c,9s,6h');
$west  = Hand::createFromString('9h,Ts,5c,Jd,9c,As,8h,Ah,Kh,8d,4c,Qd,5d');
$table = new Table($north, $east, $south, $west);
$game  = new Game($table, new Side('N'));   // second argument is starting side
$game->join(new Player('John Doe'), new Side('N'));
$game->join(new Player('Will Riker'), new Side('E'));
$game->join(new Player('Yoda'), new Side('S'));
$game->join(new Player('Peter Venkman'), new Side('W'));
$game->addTurn(new Turn($game, 1, Card::fromRankSuit('6s')));
$game->addTurn(new Turn($game, 2, Card::fromRankSuit('4s')));
$game->addTurn(new Turn($game, 3, Card::fromRankSuit('7s')));
$game->addTurn(new Turn($game, 4, Card::fromRankSuit('Ts')));
echo $game->getWins()->getEastWest();   // will output "1", since West won the first turn


Auction implementation is still to do...