Neos adapter for the Mautic API

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This package makes it possible to send personalized newsletters from Neos with Mautic, include forms from Mautic as a content element and add Mautic tracking. The forms are integrated via the Javascript API. All backend requests to Mautic are event-sourced. This ensures that the tasks are processed even if Mautic is not available.

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Add the package in your site package:

composer require --no-update garagist/mautic

The run composer update in your project root.

Finally you need to run the following commands:

flow doctrine:migrate
flow eventstore:setupall

Configure Mautic

  1. Visit your Mautic installation and create a user for API.
  2. Enable API and HTTP basic auth. Optional: Be sure your Mautic installation is running on HTTPS for the sake of security.
  3. If you want to send test emails, please install our GaragistMauticApiBundle plugin.
  4. Skip this, if your website and Mautic are running on the same server:

Configure Neos

The default values are set in Settings.Garagist.yaml.

routeArgument setting

htmlTemplate sets the argument used to call the HTML variant of the newsletter and send it to Mautic.

plaintextTemplate sets the argument used to call the plaintext variant of the newsletter and send it to Mautic.

If you use Garagist.Mjml htmlTemplate is automatically set to mjml. The important thing is simply to respect the loading order of the composer and load Garagist.Mjml after Garagist.Mautic.

api setting

Set your credentials userName and password from Mautic. baseUrl is the URL where Mautic can be reached via PHP. This may be different from the publicUrl (see next section) if Mautic is running in its own Docker container.

publicUrl setting

Set here the URL where the Mautic installation is publicly accessible. This will be used for tracking, forms and links in the newsletter module.

enableTracking setting

Enable the Javascript tracking code from Mautic. By default it is set to false in the development context and to true in the production context.

mail setting

trackingPixel injects the tracking pixel from Mautic right before the closing body tag.

form setting

hide sets the IDs of the forms you want to hide in the inpsector. You can pass an array (eg. [1, 2, 3]) or an integer

category setting

newsletter sets the ID of the category you want to use for the newsletters. Be aware that the category must exist in Mautic.

testMail setting

recipients defines the email addresses you want to use for send test emails. You can pass an array (eg. ['test@mail.example', 'user@mail.example']) or an string (eg. 'test@mail.example'). Note that the GaragistMauticApiBundle plugin must be installed in your Mautic installation. Also the setting action.test need to set to true.

segment setting

  • lockPrefilled set if an segment is prefilled from the creation/edit dialog, the user can't unselect it. Defaults to true
  • mapping: The ID of the segment to use for the newsletter. But you can also define an array/object to handle the segment in your own data provider.
  • choose: Add here to segments to choose from on creation/edit dialog. You can pass an array (eg. [1, 2, 3]) or an integer.
  • hide: Add here the IDs of the segments you want to hide (eg. for unconfirmed contacts). You can pass an array (eg. [1, 2, 3]) or an integer.

action setting

In this group you can enable/disable folwing actions:

  • delete Ability to delete emails, defaults to true
  • publish Ability to publish emails, defaults to true
  • unpublish Ability to unpublish emails, defaults to true
  • send Ability to send emails, defaults to true
  • update Ability to update emails, defaults to true
  • edit Ability to change subject, preview text and/or receiver, defaults to true
  • test Ability to send test (aka example) emails, defaults to false. You need to install the GaragistMauticApiBundle plugin in your Mautic installation


It is possible to send personalized emails. To use this, simply apply the following markup in the text on your page:

{#ifNewsletter}Hello #FIRSTNAME# #Lastname#, this is your newsletter{:else}Fallback for Webview{/if}

Availble fields are every field from contactfield, surounded by an # on both sides (case insensitive)



Add this mixin to any document to enable the ability to send newsletter.


Add this mixin to any document to define this as a category for newsletters. This is used in the overview of the newsletter module.


Add this mixin to any document to have the ability to disable the Mautic tracking for this specific page.


Add this mixin to a node to add the selector for Mautic forms. Be aware that you need to include the Fusion prototype Garagist.Mautic:Component.Form somewhere in your markup