Versioning tool to bump version.

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Application that makes versioning a little easier.

1. Example

Suppose your application contains a file name metadata.json with the following contents:

  "name": "gajdaw-php_phars",
  "version": "0.1.4",
  "author": "gajdaw"

To release a new version you would probably:

  • increase the version in metadata.json from 0.1.4 to 0.1.5
  • commit the change setting the commit's message to Version 0.1.5
  • create an annotated tag v0.1.5 with message Release 0.1.5

To perform the above operations with stamp application start with the configuration file named stamp.yml (in your project's root directory):

filename:    'metadata.json'
regex:       '/"version": "(?P<version>[\d\.]+)",/'
replacement: '"version": "{{ version }}",'

The filename parameter sets the file to be searched for version.

The regex parameter sets the regular expression used to parse the file for version number. Please note that ?P<version> sets the name of the variable to version.

The replacement parameter is a Twig template for the string that represents the new version. This string will be stored in the file defined by filename.

2. How to install?

2.1. Manual download

Download the latest release available at:

You can do this with:

wget -O stamp.phar

2. Running stamp

Since stamp is not yet stable, I suggest using --dry-run and --verbose options for start.

Here is the list of available commands:

$ stamp patch:up --dry-run --verbose
$ stamp minor:up --dry-run --verbose
$ stamp major:up --dry-run --verbose

The command patch:up performs the following transformation:

1.2.3        =>  1.2.4
77.234.654   =>  77.234.655

The command minor:up increases the number in the middle and sets the patch number to 0:

1.2.3        =>  1.3.0
77.234.654   =>  77.235.0

The last command, major:up increases the first number and sets the other numbers to 0:

1.2.3        =>  2.0.0
77.234.654   =>  78.0.0

3. Reading list

4. How to run the tests?

$ vagrant up
$ composer update
$ bin/phpspec run
$ bin/behat

5. How to build dev version?

git checkout master
git checkout -b build
vagrant ssh
bin/stamp version:dev

git checkout master
git branch -D build

6. Credits

Many concepts in this application, especially when it comes to testing, came from:

Great many thanks to all contributors!

I used some of the files, like for example matchers in features/bootstrap/Matcher/ folder, directly (i.e. without any modifications).

In case of other fragments (e.g. parseConfigurationFile method in Stamp\Console\Application) I changed the code that I found in phpspec.