Displays a user friendly form field for the progress of a QueuedJob

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A progress bar and screen for monitoring a SilverStripe Scheduled Job.

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composer require fullscreeninteractive/silverstripe-queuedjob-progressfield


The QueuedJobProgressField can be included in any Form

use FullscreenInteractive\QueuedJobProgressField\QueuedJobProgressField;

$fields = [
    // ...
    QueuedJobProgressField::create('ScheduledJob', '', $this->ScheduledJobID)

This module also provides a Controller subclass which displays the state of the job if needed. Setup a route to point to the QueuedJobProgressController

    'upload//$Action/$ID': 'FullscreenInteractive\QueuedJobProgressField\QueuedJobProgressController'

Then you can redirect users to site.com/upload/progress/<jobSignature>/<jobId> to see the live progress of the job.


User Experience Tips

Overriding Redirection Location

Redirecting users to site.com/upload/progress/<jobSignature>/<jobId> displays a running status of the job. If the job successes, a Continue button for users is activated. By default the continue button will redirect the user back, this behaviour can be overriden by using a ContinueLink query param on the original link.


Likewise, you can set a different link for the button if the job fails, stalls or some other error occurs.


Long Running Single Progress Jobs

Due to the design of queued jobs, the progress indicator (currentStep) is only modified in the database at the end of a process call. Sometimes with long running single process jobs we need to display progress more verbosely. QueuedJobProgressService is designed as a drop-in replacement for QueuedJobService. The service allows your job to update the job descriptor more frequently.

Example Job

use Symbiote\QueuedJobs\DataObjects\QueuedJobDescriptor;
use Symbiote\QueuedJobs\Services\AbstractQueuedJob;
use FullscreenInteractive\QueuedJobProgressField\QueuedJobProgressService;
use SilverStripe\Core\Injector\Injector;

class MyAwesomeJob extends AbstractQueuedJob
    protected $descriptor;

     * By default the job descriptor is only ever updated when process() is
     * finished, so for long running single tasks the user see's no process.
     * This method manually updates the count values on the QueuedJobDescriptor
    public function updateJobDescriptor()
        if (!$this->descriptor && $this->jobDescriptorId) {
            $this->descriptor = QueuedJobDescriptor::get()->byId($this->jobDescriptorId);

        // rate limit the updater to only 1 query every sec, our front end only
        // updates every 1s as well.
        if ($this->descriptor && (!$this->lastUpdatedDescriptor || $this->lastUpdatedDescriptor < (strtotime('-1 SECOND')))) {
                ->copyJobToDescriptor($this, $this->descriptor);

            $this->lastUpdatedDescriptor = time();

    public function process()
        $tasks = [
            // ..

        foreach ($tasks as $task) {

            // sends feedback to the database in the middle of process() allowing
            // long single processes to continue.

        $this->isComplete = true;