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PHP SDK COMMON provide foundation for the native PHP API SDK for consuming FTVEN APIs.


Add the dependency in your composer.json :

"require": {
    "ftven/sdk-common": "1.*"

Then update your dependency :

$ ./composer.phar update ftven/sdk-common

Then you can use it directly in your scripts :


// ...

require_once '/path/to/vendor/autoload.php';

$sdk = new Ftven\Sdk\Sdk();

$result = $sdk->getApi('xyz')->myApiMethod();

// ...

As an alternative, you can use functions :

$result = ftven_sdk_api('xyz', 'methodName', 'arg1', 'arg2', '...');

By default, API are autoloaded from the Ftven\Sdk\Api namespace, but you can add extra namespaces :

$sdk = new Ftven\Sdk\Sdk(['My\\Other\\Namespace']);


Some APIs require that you set identities before using them :

$sdk->setIdentity(['login' => 'me', 'pass' => 'mypass']);


Depending on the APIs you use, multiple identities are supported (only one per APIs) :

$sdk->setIdentity([...], 'identityType1');
$sdk->setIdentity([...], 'identityType2');

By default, API calls are directed to 'prod' environment, but you can change to an other environment :


Depending on the APIs you use, multiple environments are supported (only one per APIs) :

$sdk->setEnvironment('preprod', 'api1');
$sdk->setEnvironment('prod'); // fallback

Enjoy !

FTVEN Build Team.