Skeleton Application for ZF2 with doctrine, twig and assetic

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Based on ZendSkeletonApplication

Installation Using Composer

The recommended way to get a working copy of this project is to clone the repository and use composer to install dependencies using the create-project command:

curl -s https://getcomposer.org/installer | php --
php composer.phar create-project -sdev ftdebugger/zend-skeleton-application PATH_TO_INSTALL

Than copy config/autoload/local.php.dist to config/autoload/local.php and edit your DB settings.

ant up

Now your ZF application is ready

Developing with Vagrant

Install Vagrant ant VirtualBox on your computer. For Ubuntu or Mint you can do it like this

sudo apt-get install vagrant virtualbox

If you want, you can install newer version of VirtualBox from official site

Now we are ready for a little magic

sudo sh -c 'echo " zf2application.dev www.zf2application.dev" >> /etc/hosts'

cd vagrant
vagrant up
vagrant ssh
cd /var/www/zf2application

ant up

Open your browser http://zf2application.dev/