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PsySH integration for Shopware

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Last update: 2023-05-08 16:45:30 UTC


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Inspired by the artisan tinker command from laravel this plugin adds a similar command to Shopware. The frosh:tinker command runs in a Shopware CLI environment (like any other command in Shopware) and lets you tinker with existing objects and classes to your hearts content. Based on the amazing psy/psysh library this command provides an interactive way to test a component or to just play with variables and see how things react to different actions. For any instruction on how this works or how to operate it, head over to

Additionally this plugin comes with a caster for Shopware's ModelEntity objects that the ORM provides. So if you ask the ORM for an instance of an entity, that instance will be displayed in its array representation to let you inspect its members values. You can also add your own casters by implementing the CasterInterface and adding it to the DependencyInjection container with the tag frosh_tinker.caster. If you need more information on how casters work, take a look at the documentation of Symfony's VarDumper. The only difference here is the CasterInterface that is provided by this plugin. While it would be sufficient to provide a simple callable as a caster, the interface makes it easier to flexibly integrate multiple casters through the DependencyInjection container.


  • Shopware 5.5 or above (older versions might work, but were not tested)
  • PHP 7.1 or above

Installation via composer (recommended)

composer require frosh/tinker
bin/console sw:plugin:refresh
bin/console sw:plugin:install FroshTinker
bin/console sw:plugin:activate FroshTinker
bin/console sw:cache:clear

Installation via .zip file

  • Download latest release.
  • Extract the zip file in shopware_folder/custom/plugins/.
  • Install plugin via plugin manager in the backend.
  • Clear the cache.


Feel free to fork and send pull requests!


This project uses the MIT License.