Contao extension to integrate the Lightcase overlay.

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2.2.0 2019-12-01 10:07 UTC

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Last update: 2020-07-30 01:32:08 UTC


Contao Lightcase

Contao extension to integrate the Lightcase overlay.


Simply activate the j_lightcase template in your page layout under jQuery. Do not activate j_colorbox or moo_mediabox as well!

Lightcase will work with all links that use the data-lightbox="…" parameter. Of course you can still initialize via your own JavaScript. Customizing the options works the same way as with the j_colorbox template for example.

Adjust image size

By default Lightcase shows the image with a maxHeight of 500 pixels and a maxWidth of 800 pixels.

You can change these values by creating a custom j_lightcase template and adjusting the content as follows:

  attr: 'data-lightbox',
  slideshow: true,
  useAsCollection: c && $('[data-lightbox="'+c+'"]').length > 1,
  showCaption: false,,
  maxWidth: 1920,
  maxHeight: 1920