A handy set of page types and modules for building a new website.


A collection of useful PHP classes and SilverStripe modules for SS 3.x to get a new website started quickly.

The generic page type comes with the following deactivatable options for inputs:

  • alternative title and intro (including min/max-length validation)
  • an image per page (including width/height validation)
  • brand colors (only adjustable by admins) and a option to choose a color per page
  • configuration switch to use the blocks module.

and the following modules:

How to use this?

Simply extend your custom page types of this GenericPage:

class MyNewPage extends GenericPage
     * here goes your actual code...

and then your can configure

  useBlocksModule: true
    - AlternativeTitle
    minLength: 100
    maxLength: 1000
    width: 200
    height: 300

Want it? Installation

Just run:

# install the package
composer require friendsofsilverstripe/handypages

# add run dev/build
php ./framework/cli-script.php dev/build

misc: Future ideas/development, issues, Contributing, License