Provides a pop-up colour picker functionality

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1.0.0 2016-07-26 10:20 UTC

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Does what it says on the box - provides a pop-up colour picker functionality, turning a text field into a colour picker field.


Uses the "jQuery MiniColors": plugin by "A Beautiful Site": for the colour picker, while using the built in entwine library to successfully bind the MiniColors plugin to the necessary elements.


There are various way to install this, but the easiest is to download the repository and add it to your SilverStripe root.

Once installed, you can use the following to initialise the colour picker field using the following:

new ColourPicker($name, $title)


This field was made because a simple colour picker was required for a project, and existing colour picker fields that are out there were unsatisfactory. Please note that is still very young. The plan it to fully utilise MiniColors various functionalities as needed in the future.

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