CMS (originally forked from rosell-dk/handsdown)

v0.0.2 2022-08-21 09:24 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-11-21 12:03:33 UTC


This is a simple Content-Management-System, originally forked from/inspired by Handsdown CMS.

WTF - Why the fork?

The main goals was to keep it simple, thanks to rosell-dk. I further added..

Changes and goals

  • rewritten to OOP, CMS class [x]
  • removed Parsedown, using league/common-mark instead [x]
  • make it more configurable [x]
  • make it modular extensible [ ]
  • admin and config panels [ ]
  • disable the execution of php files by default, make it optionally be enabled [x][ ]
  • recognize htm, html files [x]
  • changed include to file_get_contents to prevent the execution of bad code, parse the string instead [x]
  • multisite/multi-domain hosting, many instances multitenancy system [ ]
  • .md, WYSIWYG- , Homepage-, Theme-, ... Editors. [ ]