A small library that provides functionality to PHP 8.1 enums to act as BitMask flags

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A small library that provides functionality to PHP 8.1 enums to act as BitMask flags.


Sometimes you need some flags on the objects, to represent some features, most often its used simple property with the type of bool but then you start making several properties and then your object size (Serialized/JSON) starts growing quite a lot.

The most efficient storage option for flags was always bitmask value. It provides up to 32 unique flags inside a single int32 value.

Another big benefit is the ability to make AND, OR, NOT operations in one call instead of doing many if expressions to check all those property values.


Via Composer

$ composer require framjet/enum-bitmask


The library provides a trait BitmaskFunctionality which is needed to include inside int backed enum.

Here is a tiny example of using Enum to provide flags using space-efficient bitmask int value:


use FramJet\Packages\EnumBitmask\BitmaskFunctionality;

enum Flag: int
    use BitmaskFunctionality;

    case Public = 0b000001;
    case Protected = 0b000010;
    case Private = 0b000100;
    case ReadOnly = 0b001000;
    case Static = 0b010000;
    case Final = 0b100000;

class Member
    public function __construct(private int $flags = 0)

    public function setPublic(): void
        $this->flags = Flag::set(
            Flag::clear($this->flags, Flag::Private, Flag::Protected),

    public function isPublic(): bool
        return Flag::on($this->flags, Flag::Public);

    public function isReadOnly(): bool
        return Flag::on($this->flags, Flag::ReadOnly);

    /** @return list<Flag> */
    public function getFlags(): array
        return Flag::parse($this->flags);

    public function getFlagsValue(): int
        return $this->flags;

class Container
    /** @param list<Member> $members */
    public function __construct(private array $members = [])

    public function addMember(Member $member): void
        $this->members[] = $member;

    public function getMembers(Flag ...$flags): array
        return array_filter($this->members, static fn(Member $m) => Flag::any($m->getFlagsValue(), ...$flags));

$memberPublic = new Member();

$memberPublic->getFlags(); // [Flag::Public]

$memberReadOnly = new Member(Flag::build(Flag::ReadOnly));

$memberReadOnly->isReadOnly(); // true
$memberReadOnly->isPublic();   // false

$memberPrivate = new Member(Flag::build(Flag::Private, Flag::ReadOnly));

$memberPrivate->isReadOnly(); // true
$memberPrivate->isPublic();   // false
$memberPrivate->getFlags();   // [Flag::Private, Flag::ReadOnly]

    static fn(Flag $f) => $f->toString(),
); // ['0b0000_0000_0000_0000_0000_0000_0000_0100', '0b0000_0000_0000_0000_0000_0000_0000_1000']

$container = new Container();

$container->getMembers();                             // [$memberPublic, $memberReadOnly, $memberPrivate]
$container->getMembers(Flag::Public);                 // [$memberPublic]
$container->getMembers(Flag::ReadOnly);               // [$memberReadOnly, $memberPrivate]
$container->getMembers(Flag::ReadOnly, Flag::Public); // [$memberPublic, $memberReadOnly, $memberPrivate]


Please see License File for more information.