Fast, configurable SilverStripe implementation of Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

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An customizable SilverStripe module for Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP).

Maintainer Contacts

  • Milan Jelicanin [at]
  • Petar Simic [at]


  • SilverStripe Framework 4+

Version info

The master branch of this module is currently aiming for SilverStripe 4.x compatibility


  • Recommended way to install this module is via Composer
composer require "fractas/google-dfp" "2.x-dev"
  • Add to your configuration YML file:
name: mygoogledfp
 enable_in_dev: false # if you wanna test banners in "dev" environment change to true
 publisher_id: 12345678 # change to your Google DFP network code
     PageController: # change to your Controller ClassName or leave it PageController if you wanna apply banners on SiteTree
       div-gpt-ad-123456789012-0: # An exact banner ID from Google DFP system
         alias: billboard # human readable banner type, used in template for banner init
         adUnitPath: /12345678/ad_unit_code # Full path of the ad unit with the network code and ad unit code.
         size: '[[1], [300, 250]]' # An exact size of banner creative
         outOfPage: false # if banner is "floater" or "wallpaper" type, change to "true"
  • Run ?flush=all to update manifests
  • Call your banner like this $GoogleDfpSlotByAlias('billboard') in your template (eg. to render selected banner HTML

Additional documentation

  • More comprehensive documentation can be found here