Admin Theme based on the AdminLTE Template for easy integration into symfony

2.0.0-beta.6 2016-12-15 09:17 UTC


Admin Theme based on the AdminLTE Template for easy integration into symfony. This bundle integrates several commonly used javascripts and the awesome AdminLTE Template.


Installation using composer is really easy: this command will add "avanzu/admin-theme-bundle": "~2.0" to your composer.json and will download the bundle:

php composer.phar require avanzu/admin-theme-bundle

Enable the bundle in your kernel:

	// app/AppKernel.php

	public function registerBundles()
		$bundles = array(
			// ...
			new Avanzu\AdminThemeBundle\AvanzuAdminThemeBundle(),

Install assets (preferably using symlink method but hardcopy works as well)...

php bin/console assets:install --symlink

Initialize the theme

php bin/console avanzu:admin:initialize [--symlink|--relative]

initializing will create several symlinks (falling back to hard copy) into the web/theme folder from the required almasaeed2010/adminlte package:

  • bootstrap
  • dist
  • plugins
  • documentation
  • starter.html


Although the bundle should run with zero configruration, there are several settings you might want to adjust to your taste or requirements. Please keep in mind that you don't have to put the whole config block into your configuration but rather the ones you want to change from the defaults.

These are the configuration default values:

# config.yml
	use_twig   : true
    enable_demo: false
    	default_avatar   : bundles/avanzuadmintheme/img/avatar.png  
        skin             : skin-blue  # see skin listing for viable options
        fixed_layout     : false      # -------------------------------------------------------
        boxed_layout     : false      # these settings relate directly to the "Layout Options"
        collapsed_sidebar: false      # described in the adminlte documentation
        mini_sidebar     : false      # -------------------------------------------------------
        control_sidebar  : false      # controls wether the right hand panel will be rendered  
	knp_menu:                         # knp menu integration     
    	enable         : true          
        main_menu      : avanzu_main  # the menu builder alias to use for the main menu
        breadcrumb_menu: false        # the menu builder alias to use for the breacrumbs

AdminLTE skins are:

  • skin-blue (default for this bundle)
  • skin-blue-light
  • skin-yellow
  • skin-yellow-light
  • skin-green
  • skin-green-light
  • skin-purple
  • skin-purple-light
  • skin-red
  • skin-red-light
  • skin-black
  • skin-black-light

If you want to know more then go ahead and check docs for AdminLTE here.


In order to se a working implementation of the several components, you can enable the demo mode:

# config.yml
	enable_demo: true

and add the routes to your routing configuration:

# routing.yml
	prefix: /admin
    resource: "@AvanzuAdminThemeBundle/Resources/config/routes.yml"

Upgrade notice

Version >= 2.0

This version is not fully backwards compatible regarding the templates and assets.

  • does no longer rely on any external build tools or package managers (except composer of course). In consequence, there are no pre packaged scripts/styles or asset groups available. If you want to use script and/or stylesheet packing, you will most likely already have the tools of your choice in place and are now able to use them as fits best for your needs.
  • Introduces route name aliases for url generation inside the components.

Version >= 1.3

  • comes with pre packaged asset files located under Resources/public/static/[prod|dev]. So, there is no longer a strict requirement for bower and/or assetic. The assetic groups hovever, are still there and should work as usual.

Next Steps