Simple and fast translator for Nette Framework.

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Simple and fast translator for Nette Framework based (default) on neon locale files.


Forrest79/SimpleTranslator requires PHP 7.1 or higher and Nette Framework 2.4.


  • Install Forrest79/SimpleTranslator to your project using Composer:
$ composer require forrest79/simple-translator


This translator is basically distributes with neon format data loader for locale files. You must specify plural section and messages section.

Plural section contains conditions for plurals. It operates with n variable. Each line is one condition. When you need some message in plural, you must provide as much messages as plural conditions and first condition is equal to first message and so on.

Example for english and czech plurals:

    - 'n === 1'
    - 'n > 1'
    - 'n === 1'
    - '(n > 1) && (n < 5)'
    - 'n >= 5'

Messages can be simple - key => translation. Or can contains variables (%var%) or plurals.

    simpleMessage: This is simple message.
    messageWithVariable: Hello %user%.
        - One item.
        - More items.
        - I have %count% car for user %user%.
        - I have %count% cars for user %user%.

And you can translate these messages like this:

echo $translator->translate('simpleMessage');
echo $translator->translate('messageWithVariable', ['user' => 'Jakub']);
echo $translator->translate('pluralMessageForEn', 1);
echo $translator->translate('pluralMessageForEn', 5);
echo $translator->translate('pluralMessageForEnWithVariable', ['count' => 1, 'user' => 'Jakub']);
echo $translator->translate('pluralMessageForEnWithVariable', ['count' => 5, 'Jakub']); // or use $translator::PARAM_COUNT instead of 'count'

Second parameter of translate function can be count for plural or variables (array). If you use variables, there are two special values. First is count, that is used as count for plural and second is locale, that can set locale to translate.

echo $translator->translate('simpleMessage', ['locale' => 'cs']); // message in 'cs' locale even if translator is set to 'en' (or other different) locale, you can use $translator::PARAM_LOCALE instead of 'locale'

When you use second parameter for variables, you can use third for plural count:

echo $translator->translate('pluralMessageForEnWithVariable', ['user' => 'Jakub'], 1);
echo $translator->translate('pluralMessageForEnWithVariable', ['user' => 'Jakub'], 5);

When you want to be sure, that you have translator with set locale and be sure, that no one can change this locale, you can call createImmutableTranslator($locale) that return TranslatorImmutable object that has the same interface SimpleTranslator\ITranslator as main translator and always return translation in provided locale and on this object locale can be changed to another.

Locale files in neon format must have name locale.neon. For example for en locale is file name en.neon.

Enable this extension using your neon config and add as parameter debug mode:

    translator: Forrest79\SimpleTranslator\Nette\DI\Extension(%debugMode%)

Default settings is (this works out of the box):

    locale: NULL # can set manual locale
    fallbackLocale: NULL # can set locale that is used, when main locale does't have message to translate (this is logged)
    dataLoader: NULL # will use as default DataLoaders\Neon data loader, you can specify your own ('@customDataLoaderService')
    localesDir: %appDir%/locales # directory with neon files for Neon data loader
    tempDir: %tempDir% # for cached translation files: tempDir/cache/locales
    localeUtils: null # auto detect - use Zend OpCache clean if it's detect or you can pass service name ('@customLocaleUtilsService')
    requestResolver: locale # FALSE = disable
    debugger: TRUE # when TRUE - show Tracy bar in debug mode

Translations are cached to PHP files. In debug mode, cache is rebuild when translation definition is changed, in productin mode is cache build only once and translation source definitions are not checked for changes. If you want to regenerate cache, you can clean cache by calling 'clearCache($locale)'.

If you are using Zend OpCache, then there is default after build cache hook, that remove this file from OpCache. For other opcaches (or if you want to do anything else after cache is built), you can write your own hook by writing object with LocaleUtils interface and register it to translator via neon setting localeUtils or manually with setLocaleUtils($localeUtils).

Translator is registered to Nette and Latte. By default, there is resolver, that set actual locale from router variable. Default is locale variable, but it can be changed in configuration. Or you can set this to FALSE and then you must call setLocale($locale) manually. You can also set fallback locale, which is used, when main locale translation doen't exists.

As default translations are loaded from neon files. This translator is shipped only with this possibility but you can write your own data loader to load translation from the source you want. Just implement DataLoader interface to some object and set this object via neon settings dataLoader or by calling setDataLoader($dataLoader). This interface has three methods:

  • isLocaleUpdated(string $locale, string $cacheFile) that returns true/false if cache needs to be rebuild in debug mode
  • loadData(string $locale) that returns array with two keys, plural definition and messages with array key => trasnlate
  • source(string $locale) that return source identification, file path for neon file or whatever you want

In debug mode, there is a Tracy panel that shows untranslated messages and loaded locales and also this messages are saved to log. In production mode, only saving to log is active.