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FormHandler is a PHP written "module" which allows you to create dynamic forms in an easy way. So easy that you can build a fully working form, including field validations, within 10 lines!


Install the latest version with

$ composer require formhandler/formhandler

When the vendor directory is outside the root directory of your web application use a symlink on the FHTML directory to make it publicly available.

For example: map vendor/formhandler/formhandler/src/FHTML to /FHTML/ of your website root. Then add to your application


\FormHandler\Configuration::set('fhtml_dir', '/FHTML/');

Basic Usage


//include the class (only needed when not using Composer)
include './path/to/formhandler/src/Loader.php';

//when using composer include the autoloader of composer
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use \FormHandler\FormHandler;
use \FormHandler\Field as Field;
use \FormHandler\Button as Button;
use \FormHandler\Validator as Validator;

//create a new FormHandler object
$form = new FormHandler();

//some fields.. (see manual for examples)
Field\Text::set($form, 'Name', 'name')

Field\Number::set($form, 'Age', 'age')
    ->setValidator(new Validator\Integer())

//button for submitting
Button\Submit::set($form, 'Send');

//set the 'commit-after-form' function
    return "Hello " . $data['name'] . ", you are " . $data['age'] . " years old!";

//process all form results, needs to be done before any output has been done
$form_html = $form->flush();

//below is code to show the form

echo 'Basic FormHandler demo<hr>';
echo $form_html;


An extended version for FormHandler version 4 is currently not available due to continues development.

Please have a look at the files located in the 'demo' folder to see (new) features in action


FormHandler is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 - see the LICENSE file for details