GiftCardProportionalValuePayoneConnector module.

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In our case, we need the proportional gift card values for every item in order, if a gift card was redeemed. For orders paid with payone and redeemed gift card, the spryker-eco/payone split the gift card amount proportional to the item amounts. For example you made an order with three items, each item has a total price of 39,90 Euro and you use a 20 Euro gift card. The amount of 20 Euro will be split by 33,3333333%. One proportional amount will be 6,66 Euro and two times 6,67 Euro. Another example you buy two items, one item 10 Euro and one item 30 Euro and you use a 20 Euro gift card. The proportional amount for this would be 5 Euro for the 10 Euro item and 15 Euro for the 30 Euro item.

For this, we use the calculation from the spryker-eco/payone package but had to create a fork ( and make the calculation accessible from outside. A PR is also open (spryker-eco/payone#81) and we hope they will accept it soon. At the moment, this package requires the fork!

This package provides a calculation plugin for the fond-of-oryx/gift-card-proportional-value.


"repositories": [
      "type": "vcs",
      "url": ""
  "require": {
    "spryker-eco/payone": "dev-master-fondof as 4.4.2",

composer require fond-of-oryx/gift-card-proportional-value-payone-connector



namespace Pyz\Zed\GiftCardProportionalValue;

use FondOfOryx\Zed\GiftCardProportionalValue\GiftCardProportionalValueDependencyProvider as FooGiftCardProportionalValueDependencyProvider;
use FondOfOryx\Zed\GiftCardProportionalValuePayoneConnector\Communication\Plugin\GiftCardProportionalValue\PayoneProportionalValueCalculationPlugin;

class GiftCardProportionalValueDependencyProvider extends FooGiftCardProportionalValueDependencyProvider
     * @return array|\FondOfOryx\Zed\GiftCardProportionalValueExtension\Dependency\Plugin\ProportionalValueCalculationPluginInterface[]
    protected function getProportionalValueCalulationPlugins(): array
        $plugins = [
            new PayoneProportionalValueCalculationPlugin(),

        return array_merge(parent::getProportionalValueCalulationPlugins(), $plugins);


You must allow in config some payone payment methods (by default empty)

$config[GiftCardProportionalValuePayoneConnectorConstants::LISTENING_PAYMENT_METHODS] = [

or listen to every payone payment method. It is set to false by default

$config[GiftCardProportionalValuePayoneConnectorConstants::LISTENING_TO_ALL_PAYONE_METHODS] = true;